At first, BEM FPP UMM stood as two different intra institutions in two different faculties they are Agriculture Faculty and Agriculture and Husbandry Faculty, but to adjust it with the policy of Rectorat that both of these faculties must integrate or merger which is now becoming Agriculture and Husbandry Faculty, so all intra institutions in both of these faculties merge or has managament integration including this BEM. It is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, BEM FPP management merger is not that easy to do, so in August 2009, SEFA and BEM functionaries of both of these ex-faculties agreed to establish Coordinator of FPP Student Executive Board to facilitate and coordinate the importance of both of these ex faculties BEM for management period 2009-2010, and it was inaugurated the management of the BEM FPP coordinator in October 2009 simultaneously with Worksohp and Seminar of Faculty of Agriculture and Husbandry.

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